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Conference of Texas Statisticians (COTS)

The Conference of Texas Statisticians (COTS) was established in 1980, with annual meetings held from 1981 to the present. The purpose of COTS is to bring together Texas statisticians in social and intellectual fellowship. For its first five years, COTS was held at Baylor, and this conference is well-attended by our Statistics department (graduate students and professors alike) each year. At the 2011 conference hosted at Texas A&M University, Dr. Jane Harvill presented a talk over current research, and five Baylor graduate students gave poster presentations: Tom Carlile, Brandi Falley, Bonnie Terry, Sydeaka Watson, and Hua Wei. Presenting a poster at this conference is an excellent opportunity for students. It is a smaller environment than, say, the Joint Statistical Meetings, but still allows for the student to practice discussing his or her research with colleagues and to receive feedback or ideas for future research questions.

COTS Pictured front row left to right: Dr. Tubbs, Tom Carlile, Stephanie Simon, Brandi Falley, Hua Wei, Bonnie Terry,
Dr. Harvill.
Back row: Dr. Bratcher, Dr. Johnston, Sydeaka Watson, Forrest Williamson.