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Joyce Cheng


Sugar Land, TX

  • B.A., Applied Mathematics, University of California, Berkley, CA
  • Graduate Assistant, Gear Up Waco
Describe Baylor in One Word:


Why Statistics?

I was first introduced to statistics while studying applied mathematics as an undergraduate. During my year off after graduation, I decided that I wanted to pursue statistics further.


All the professors here are highly accomplished, yet they are still friendly and accessible. Also, they really take the time to make sure you understand concepts fully.

Why Baylor?

I briefly enrolled in a master's program at a small local university in Houston in order to take some additional statistics courses and eventually applied to transfer to the program here at Baylor.

Unique Aspects:

I think what's special about Baylor is that it has a very supportive learning environment-- students are willing to help each other out and professors are very accessible.

Baylor Community:

I just like having the opportunity to learn in a supportive and friendly environment. Also, I really like the Baylor campus.

Recommend Program:

Yes! Oprovides a great learning environment along with many great opportunities for the future.

Surprises at Baylor

No. Everything has pretty much gone as I expected.