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Caleb Stein


Little Rock, AR

  • B.A., English and German, University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, AR
  • Teaching Assistant, Department of Statistical Science, Baylor University, Waco, TX
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Why Statistics?

Statistics is an interesting field because it turns random events into quantifiable and measurable outcomes that can be modeled and explained. Whether it is baseball or epidemiology, data are constantly being gathered and it is up to statisticians to apply unique methods so that we can better understand what is important. Our world is oversaturated with data and numbers, but no one is exactly sure what will help in predicting the future or will best guide us in future decisions. I hope to be able to use a degree in Statistics to better predict the changing world around me.

Why Baylor?

Although I never knew if graduate school was the right path for me, I always wanted to continue my education past the undergraduate level. I decided that Baylor was the right place for me because of the positive feedback of other graduate students I knew who went to Baylor. Baylor is constantly working hard to make graduate life here as amazing as possible and it really feels that way being here as a student and knowing that you are an integral part of this entire University. This drive to focus on students is one of the main reasons I chose Baylor.

Unique Aspects:

The academic environment at Baylor is one of common purpose and positive support wherein every professor and peer wants you to achieve to your utmost ability. Furthermore, Baylor is a unique collegiate environment offering the best of any major university: big-time athletic events, unique research opportunities, and a beautiful campus with modern facilities.

Baylor Community

Community at Baylor is a valuable asset to this ever-expanding university. Although Baylor enrollment is growing in numbers, it is still impossible to feel lost in the crowd.

Surprises at Baylor:

Although I have heard numerous people discuss the limitations of Waco and Baylor, I have come to find that most of these opinions are largely unfounded. Waco is an interesting city with its own unique atmosphere and qualities, parks and attractions, and wonderful people that make you feel at home. Furthermore, campus life at Baylor is thriving and exciting with a constant offering of fun athletic events, student activities, and intramural sports.

Recommend Program?

Yes! The Statistics department at Baylor is a great environment for learning. Although my knowledge of Statistics before I arrived to Baylor was limited, I have enjoyed the challenge of learning the broad and diverse topics of statistics. Statistics is a very interesting field and is fundamental to the future of our modern world--it is dynamic, modern, and more and more influential toward all real world decisions. The Statistics Department at Baylor understands this real world need for statistics and prepares you constantly for the ever-changing needs of the world around us.