Baylor University
Department of Statistical Science
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Material for Statistical Research and Scholarship

  • This link is to material provided by Professor Marie Davidian of North Carolina State University. The site contains a variety of useful material including LaTeX, statistical resources for presentation, research, job searches, resumes, etc. The link is:

Statistical Analysis:

  • JMP
  • SAS - online documentation
  • WINBUGS - Bayesian analysis

Technical Writing:

Other Statistical Consulting Centers

Miscellaneous Links

SAS, S-Plus, and R Help


  • SAS FAQs (These FAQs cover basic SAS questions that we have encountered here in the CSC. For a more extensive list of SAS FAQs, see the links to Cornell and UT below.)
  • Archives of the SAS-L listserv are a great place to find answers to common and not-so-common programming questions
  • Online Tutorials on the SAS website
  • SAS FAQs from Cornell University
  • SAS FAQs from University of Texas

S-Plus & R