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Upcoming STEPP Luncheons
More information on STEPP Luncheons will be posted as soon as it is available. The following are the dates of the luncheons as of now.

October 2nd - Holly Tucker

February 26th - Baylor Stadium Game Day

April 16th


The Staff Council of Baylor University welcomes the opportunity to host the University's STEPP Program. STEPP is an acronym for Striving To Enhance Personal Performance.

The STEPP Program was implemented in September 1996 to encourage Baylor University's staff to be all they can, personally and professionally. The philosophy and objective of STEPP is to provide staff with the tools and encouragement that stimulate personal and professional growth and development. This goal is carried out through exciting and energetic speakers who provide information relative to the workplace.

The Staff Council looks forward to seeing you at the STEPP programs!

STEPP Luncheons

Staff Council News, STEPP Luncheons
McLane Stadium is set to open in August of 2014 and will hold 45,000. Brian Nicholson, Associate Vice President for Facility Planning and Construction, will share the building process of McLane Stadium and what we will experience on game day beginning 2014!

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Staff Council News, STEPP Luncheons
Staff Council is excited to kick off S.T.E.P.P luncheons this semester by celebrating one of our own: Holly Tucker