2016-2017 Membership

Executive Council
Will Telfer
Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect: Lori McNamara
Secretary: Patt Black
Treasurer: Lauren Smith
Faculty Senate Liaison: Lori McNamara
Parliamentarian: John Lowe
Chaplain:Vicki Patterson
Website Coordinator: Lamar Bryant
Historian: Courtney Childress


Third-Year Members (2017)

Conradt, Adrienne: Academic Affairs
Gilliam, Heather: Student Life
Hermann, Mabrie: Athletics
Knowles, Kandy: Police Department
McCulloch, Carol: College of Arts & Sciences
Moyer, Carol: Cashier's Office
Lattimore, Will: Athletics
Smith, Britt: College of Arts & Sciences
Telfer, Will: Information Technology Services, Security

Second-Year Members (2018)

Alcala, Ashley: Office of Career & Professional Development
Althoff, Andrew: Athletics
Asher, Lisa: CASA
Black, Patt: Information Technology Services, Client Services
Bryant, Lamar: Student Life
Childress, Courtney: Student Financial Aid
Cluke, Renee: Theatre Arts
Green, Janet: Community Engagement & Services
Lane, Jenna: Development
McNamara, Lori: Graduate School
Patterson, Clint: Student Life
Shaw, Anna: Academic Affairs - OALA
Smith, Lauren: Athletics

First-Year Members (2019)

Baker, Andrea: College of Health & Human Sciences
Carey, Jeanne: School of Nursing
Chatham, Rebecca: Constituent Engagement - Parents Network
Engblom, Rob: Campus Living & Learning
Guenat, Heather: College of Arts & Sciences - Environmental Sciences
Lowe, John: University Libraries-Electronic Library, Client Services
Murphy, Lisa: Campus Living & Learning
Patterson, Vicki: College of Arts & Sciences - Psychology & Neuroscience
Nall, Rebecca Tucker: Mayborn Museum
Waden, Lana: Finance & Administration - Undergraduate Admissions
Windham, Leslie: Academic Affairs - OALA