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Missions:What we Believe

What is Baylor Urban Missions?


BU Missions seeks to create tangible opportunities for students to understand how they can use the knowledge & skills they gain here at Baylor to love people around the world and in the Waco community.

Urban Missions partners with Waco organizations and churches to provide opportunities for students to engage in the greater Waco community through relationship building and service.

Guiding Principles


In response to Baylor University's strategic vision, Pro Futuris, Baylor Urban Missions strives to do the following:

  1. "Integrate service into the fabric of campus life, grounded in a Christian understanding of hospitality that motivates humble service to all."

  2. "Improve the quality of life in Central Texas."

  3. "Enhance initiatives to helps students to develop as ethical leaders informed by biblical perspectives."

Objectives from Pro Futuris, the university's strategic vision released in May 2012.

Learning Outcomes


Baylor Urban Missions employs the following strategies to accomplish the guiding principles laid out by Pro Futuris.™

  1. By partnering with non-profit organizations in Waco, students learn have a greater understanding of what it means to serve in a place of need. Non-profit administrators educate student teams on the work being done, its purpose and the most effective methods of serving a community.
  2. Students work with established non-profits to make contributions to overall quality of life in Waco and Central Texas. Urban Missions teams work in childhood education and recreation, adult education, and urban gardening, among other areas. These efforts benefit health and economic prosperity of residents and the region as a whole.
  3. Urban Missions teams are led by 32 student leaders. Guided by staff, these students lead groups in serving the community effectively and appropriately. Student leaders attend regular training sessions to develop leadership skills, knowledge of service and ethical leadership principles.