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What is Baylor Missions?

BU Missions seeks to create tangible opportunities for students to understand how they can use the knowledge & skills they gain here at Baylor to love people around the world and in the Waco community.

GLOBAL MISSIONS collaborates with faculty & staff from a variety of disciplines & backgrounds along with our global partners in order to implement spiritually rich & challenging experiences for our students. It is our hope that the students who participate in our trips not only enjoy the experience (which is important), but also discover a sense of vocation & calling as they see first-hand how they can use their discipline to serve.

URBAN MISSIONS partners with Waco organizations and churches to provide opportunities for students to engage in the greater Waco community through relationship building and service.

Guiding Principles

At BU Missions, we believe that we can participate in God's Kingdom work through our work, by both finding situations that utilize our specific skills as well as living out the Christian life everyday in the classroom, workplace & community, wherever that may be. As we consider mission projects, global/community partners, & team leaders, we use the following principles to guide our decisions:

  1. Discipline-Specific Missions: We focus primarily on a discipline-specific approach to missions as it helps our students understand how they can use their specific strengths & passions in service of Christ & the world.
  2. Global Partners: We work in relationship with global partners, those individuals or organizations in country that help lead the way to meet the needs of their community.
  3. Long-Term Commitment:We will commit 3-5 years of sending short-term teams to a specific location or to address a particular issue (i.e. an engineering team that builds a hydro-generator in Honduras or a social work team that focuses on anti-human trafficking efforts).
  4. Reciprocity: It has been argued that those who participate in short-term missions receive more benefit than they give. It is our goal to create a shared experience where everyone benefits. It is our intent to learn from other cultures & share with them our knowledge, resources & care
  5. Reflection/Integration: We believe it is our responsibility to insure that all students have an outlet for reflection on their experience. It is our hope that through this reflection process, we are helping our students integrate this experience into their daily lives.

Learning Outcomes

We want those who participate in BU Missions™
  1. To understand the nature of the Missio Dei (the mission of God) & how they can participate in this through global mission projects.
  2. To have a greater understanding of what it means to use one's vocation & calling to impact the world for Christ.
  3. To understand that we have a responsibility to love & care for our community & global neighbors.
  4. To gain a healthy respect for local ministers & their ability to enculturate the gospel & minister within their community.
  5. To reflect & integrate their experience on the trip so that they can better understand the holistic nature of missions.
  6. To share their story, both at Baylor & in the community, that others might learn & be transformed by this experience as well.