Location: Emmanuel Baptist Church

Day: Wednesday

Time: Meet at Bobo at 6:15 p.m., return by 8:15 p.m.

Team leader: Stefanie Mundhenk

What we do: We teach English to underprivileged, Hispanic adults from the Waco community. These are adults who have lived in the United States for several years now, and still have not had the opportunity to learn English.

Why we do it: Legitimate English as a Second Language classes are expensive, and ours serves as a free replacement. Many of these adults have children who are attending school and losing some of their Spanish, so communication with their children becomes more and more difficult as time goes on. Furthermore, it is difficult for them to function in a country whose language they do not speak. In helping them, you'll get to practice your Spanish, help someone else with their English, and invest yourself in a more obscure side of Waco.

Contact: Stefanie Mundhenk