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First and Second Year Retreat

The Baylor First and Second Year Retreat, March 27-29, 2015, is an annual retreat for Baylor Freshmen and Sophomores designed to help students discover Sabbath in college!

Do you feel stressed out? Do you feel there just isn't enough time in your week to get everything done? Do you feel overwhelmed trying to juggle class, a job, homework, church, God, parents, expectations, grades, not to mention your social life? If so, the Second Year Retreat is for you!

During the Retreat students will discuss what it means to practice the Sabbath in college. Students will be introduced to Sabbath practices such as ceasing, feasting, rest, and prayer. Free time activities will include hiking, yoga, and times of personal reflection. The Retreat is laid back and a great time to just relax! Daily naps are even encouraged!

Space is limited! All meals, camp, transportation, lodging, and souvenirs included.

For more information, please contact Ray Small []