Formation & BSM

Depth. Hospitality. Responsibility. Vocation.

Baylor Formation exists to nurture your faith and provide opportunities for spiritual growth. Whether you are a first-year student or a graduate student, you can participate in a variety of programs that encourage theological exploration and foster connection with God and your community. You can also explore your purpose and calling by participating in student-led ministries and serving on student leader teams.

These programs are a cooperative effort between Baylor University and Texas Baptists to engage you in transformative ministry opportunities.
Youth Ministry Teams
Youth Ministry Teams help students experience spiritual formation through hands-on ministry engagement and exposure to varied theological perspectives and spiritual disciplines.
Through the multi-year model, formational retreats and trips are designed to foster holistic spiritual formation in a way that is appropriate to students' stages of faith.
Cross Cultural Engagement
Our cross cultural initiatives engage with the many diverse cultures on Baylor's campus by building cross-cultural relationships with other Baylor students interested in doing the same thing. Join us as we share our stories together within the vibrant local and global communities that are here on campus by building diverse cross-cultural relationships.
Spiritual Practices
We want all students to explore their faith, ask questions, seek out answers, learn about different spiritual practices and disciplines, and strengthen their foundation of faith. We have several resources to help our students on their journeys.
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