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Julie Clawson

Julie Clawson is a mom, writer, and former pastor who is simply trying to figure out how she can love God and others every day. Not that it’s easy, or that she does it all that well, but she does her best knowing that it will be a lifelong journey. Julie grew up as a follower of Christ. She graduated from Wheaton College in Wheaton, IL, where she also earned a graduate degree in Intercultural Studies. She then spent over a decade serving in churches in the Chicago suburbs, but now lives in Austin, Texas with her family. With her husband, Mike, and two kids, Emma and Aidan, Julie enjoys Austin’s eco-conscious culture and visits the farmer’s market regularly.  Author of Everyday Justice: The Global Impact of our Daily Choices,  Julie will engage the Baylor community on how our choices matter and ways we can make a difference.



Blood:Water Mission

Blood:Water Mission is a grassroots organization that empowers communities to work together against the HIV/AIDS and water crises in Africa.


Practitioner: Matt Ward

Matt is at home in Nashville, TN where he serves as the Grassroots Manager for Blood:Water Mission, an organization dedicated to empowering communities to work together against the HIV/AIDS and water crises in Africa. Focused on the intersection of the arts and justice in creative social action, over the years, Matt has served with numerous organizations committed to Africa, including an appointment as a U.S. delegate at the 2005 G8 Summit lobbying on behalf of the ONE Campaign in its inaugural year. For Blood:Water, Matt spends much of his time on the road with artists and advocates supporting campaigns all across the country. 


Free the Captives

Free the Captives is an interdenominational, evangelical anti-human trafficking organization that desires to engage and mobilize the Christian community and partner with non-profits, law enforcement, and government agencies in the fight against modern day slavery.  As a volunteer run organization, Free the Captives has five primary human trafficking objectives: (1) educating the community, (2) preventing and intervening in the trafficking of at risk teens, (3) academic and legal research, (4) reducing the demand, and (5) pursuing legal remedies to combat trafficking.


Practitioner: Camille Gibson

Camille Gibson, Ph.D., C.R.C. is a speaker with the Christian, anti-human trafficking non-profit organization called Free the Captives based in Houston, Texas. The organization focuses on generating awareness about human trafficking and offers opportunities to mentor youngsters at risk, or after human trafficking. She is a nationally certified psychotherapist and a faculty member at Prairie View A&M University in the College of Juvenile Justice and Psychology. She is the author of the book Being Real: Student-Teacher Interactions and African American Male Delinquency and co-author of Juvenile Sex Offending: What the Public Needs to Know. Dr. Gibson is a recent past President of the Southwestern Association of Criminal Justice in which capacity she represented many criminal justice educators and researchers in Texas, Oklahoma, Arizona, Arkansas, New Mexico, and Colorado. She is a member of Brookhollow Baptist Church (the Church Without Walls) in Houston.

Christian Life Commission

Biblical Insight. Principled Living. The Christian Life Commission works with churches, communities, and government leaders to help give voice to those often overlooked or ignored by society. 


Practitioner: Stephen Reeves

Stephen Reeves serves as Legislative Counsel for the Texas Baptist Christian Life Commission (CLC). Established in 1950, the CLC speaks to and with Texas Baptists regarding a wide range of ethical and public policy issues. Working out of the Citizenship and Public Policy office in Austin, Reeves’ primary duties include advocating for moral and ethical public policies in the Texas Legislature, educating church members about current policy issues, encouraging participation by Texas Baptists in the political process and keeping abreast of developments in church/state law. Reeves also coordinates the CLC effort to provide churches with basic preventative legal guidance through a reference manual called Keeping Your Church Out of Court. Reeves is a native of Austin, a member of the State Bar of Texas, a graduate of the University of Texas at Austin and the Texas Tech School of Law and a member of First Baptist Austin. He also serves on the Board of Directors for Stop Predatory Gambling and Restoring Eden/Christians for Environmental Stewardship. Before joining the CLC, he served as Staff Attorney for the Baptist Joint Committee for Religious Liberty in Washington, D.C. He is married to Rev. Deborah Gaddis Reeves of Boiling Springs, NC, who serves as a chaplain for Hospice Austin.

Good News Goods

Good News Goods is a ministry of the Texas Baptist Christian Life Commission, designed to give churches a fun, mission-driven way to shop in a global market environment. Good News Goods’ fair trade products fund international and domestic initiatives through the Texas Baptist Offering for World Hunger. This initiative gives church-goers an opportunity to directly contribute to the betterment of people’s lives by supporting missional businesses that fight human trafficking, extreme poverty, HIV/AIDS and civil war.



Living Water International

Living Water International exists to demonstrate the love of God by helping communities acquire desperately needed clean water, and to experience "living water"—the gospel of Jesus Christ—which alone satisfies the deepest thirst.


Radiant Cosemetics

Our mission is the help garner awareness for human trafficking by raising funds through cosmetics, to provide resources for those on the forefront of change as well as victims of trafficking.


Practitioner: Nicole Marett

For as long as I can remember I've been enamored with makeup. I grew up wanting to be a beauty editor at a fashion magazine. I pursued this goal, eventually finding myself in New York City working for a fashion house on 5th Avenue. I was living the dream, or so I thought. Inside I was miserable; something was missing.

After leaving New York City and graduating college I felt called overseas and wound up on a crazy year-long adventure, doing missions work with an organization called The World Race. 9 months into my journey I became friends with a prostitute in Thailand.

My heart broke for this woman. Walking Bangla Road, home to over 200 bars and countless women who've been trafficked or are trapped working in the commercial sex industry (which feeds the beast of trafficking) to provide for their families, I felt alive. Like I belonged. I was filled with an overwhelming sense that something had to be done and I was going to do it. A vision began to form.

I was given a new dream; to run a makeup company that partners with human trafficking organizations financially as well as getting people involved in their own communities physically. Especially in the United States, where trafficking happens in our own backyard.

The cosmetics industry generates $170 billion annually. Women dominate this industry and of the over 2 million human beings trafficked each year, 80% are women and girls. My dream is to awaken a generation of women to not sit back and allow this injustice to happen to our fellow sisters.

My dream is to set the captives free, one lipstick at a time.


Bread for the World

Bread for the World is a collective Christian voice urging our nation’s decision makers to end hunger at home and abroad. By changing policies, programs, and conditions that allow hunger and poverty to persist, we provide help and opportunity far beyond the communities where we live. We can end hunger in our time. Everyone, including our government, must do their part.

With the stroke of a pen, policies are made that redirect millions of dollars and affect millions of lives.

By making our voices heard in Congress, we make our nation’s laws more fair and compassionate to people in need.

Practitioner: Marco Grimaldo

Marco A. Grimaldo is the Regional Organizer for Bread for the World in the Mid-Atlantic and South Central Regions.  Through-out his career he has worked on national advocacy and education campaigns related to international development assistance, HIV/AIDS and debt relief, as well as a range of domestic hunger and poverty concerns. Marco previously served as Director of Bread for the World Institute, National Organizer for the Alliance to End Hunger.


World Relief

Our calling at World Relief is to STAND for the Vulnerable. Every second of every day children are orphaned by disease, women are widowed by conflicts, families are devastated by natural disasters and refugees are relocated to new countries. These are the heartbreaking stories of the vulnerable. We believe God has equipped the church - the most diverse social network on the planet - to be at the center of these stories, leveraging time, energy and resources to join the vulnerable in their time of need. We practice principles of transformational development to empower local churches in the United States and around the world so they can serve the vulnerable in their communities. With initiatives in education, health, child development, agriculture, food security, anti-trafficking, immigrant services, micro-enterprise, disaster response and refugee resettlement, we work holistically with the local church to stand for the sick, the widow, the orphan, the alien, the displaced, the devastated, the marginalized, and the disenfranchised.


Practitioner: Willie Butler

Willie Butler serves as Church Mobilization Coordinator for World Relief Fort Worth, TX.  World Relief exists to empower the local church to serve the most vulnerable, including refugees and victims of human trafficking.  Willie is also a bi-vocational pastor who has served as a missionary to refugees and now is awaiting appointment to South Asia.  He is married to Emily Butler and the father of Eva(5), Bliss(3), and Ezra(4 months).