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Breakout Leaders


Analiz Schremmer (BucknerInternational)

Focusing oninternational servanthood, Analiz combines her love for diverse cultures with amissional attitude of volunteerism. She recognizes the diversity of the worldin which we live and calls all people to take up cross-cultural servanthood,recognizing the significance of ministering with and to people from variousethnic backgrounds. More specifically, she works with internationals foradoption and foster care needs. For more information visit:

Ann & David Wilson (Volunteersfor China)

Between thetwo of them, Ann and David have over 37 years of teaching experience and over20 years of ministry service in China. With experience in everything from Mathand Computer Sciences to Chemistry and Biology to English and Education, theyrecognize the importance of utilizing one’s gifts for service unto the Lord.They aim to encourage individuals to succeed at being the best they can be intheir given field, and recognize that a secular workplace and job is in fact anopen door of opportunities for ministry. For more information visit:

Barry Nelson (Canadian SouthernBaptist Seminary)

Nelsonserves with the Canadian Baptist Seminary and pulls upon a diverse array ofcultures to emphasize international missions. While utilizing key components ofstewardship and discipleship, he brings the notion of surveying the landscapeof a nation to further develop mission efforts. This is especially beneficialwhen it comes to church planting, something the CSBS is an active participantin. For more information visit:

Charis Dietz (BU School of SocialWork)

CharisDietz’s specialty is marketing and communications and she focuses upon alwaysserving others through her gifts. She has grown tremendously in both herspiritual and professional life over the years as she has realized that hernatural gifts are what led her to her calling and ministry. Now she aims tomotivate others to develop their natural gifts instead of seeking a falsetemplate of ministry. For more information visit:

Doug McNamee (BU Athletics)

Doug serveswith Baylor Athletics and works to develop partnerships for student athletesaround the world, specifically faith based organizations. Above all else, Dougseeks to encourage everyone to actively pursue his or her life-long dreams. Bydoing so and recognizing one’s God-given abilities, one can find how theireveryday life quickly becomes a mission field. For more information visit:

Elizabeth Biedrzycki (Be On Mission)

Elizabethuses her skills and training in journalism to impact mission efforts. Byworking in a communication field, she is able to design web work and consultfor various ministries. With this she is able to mobilize individuals worldwideand further develop ministry partnerships. Her main objective, and what sheaims to relate to others, is the importance of storytelling within a mission’sministry. Furthermore, she stresses how creativity must be involved inministry, especially when finding ways to utilize one’s gifts and abilities.For more information visit:

Jimmy & Janet Dorrell (MissionWaco/Mission World)

Based righthere in Waco, TX, Jimmy and Janet Dorrell have over 20 years of experienceserving in various places across the United States, India, Haiti, and Mexico.Focusing on Christian Community Development, they utilize the improvement ofwater, fair trade, education, the economy, and various other aspects of life.They recognize a need to impact one’s immediate community, as well as the worldat large, and strive to minister to the urban poor and unreached. For moreinformation visit:

Lindsay Cofield (BCGT)

LindsayCofield’s work with the Baptist General Convention of Texas has led her take upthe initiative of what she calls “Simple Church Planting.” She shares this byrelating that simple church planting is a calling to be the Body of Christwherever you are, regardless of your occupation. It is a joining of family, offriends, of co-workers, of neighbors, and of whomever else to create churchdirectly where you are. For more information visit:

Melody York Zuniga (BU School ofSocial Work & Advocacy Center)

Working toraise awareness for those in need, Zuniga advocates for the victims of sexualassault and other violent attacks. Through this she has found that throughadvocacy, any major can be a path to ministry. One only has to find purpose inwhat they do. Along with this, Zuniga has been able to combine her languageskills to broaden her ministry impact by also serving the Hispanic community.

Michael Cahill (Wycliffe BibleTranslation)

Withexperience serving in remote villages of Ghana for over 11 years, as well asvarious other parts of Africa, Cahill has been able to take part in developingBible translations for those without the Biblical text in their nativelanguage. He now serves in a support role and moves individuals to pursue theholistic aspects of ministry and of Bible translation, recognizing that anymajor can be used in missions. Using his academic background, primarily inlinguistics and literacy, Cahill has been able to discern many of thechallenges, rewards, and controversies of ministry.

Philip Enoch (Africa Inland Mission)

Philip,having lived in Africa for over 15 years, has served in both Congo and Kenya.He now works to recruit and mobilize others for service, pulling upon the ideaof “business as missions.” He pulls from various resources for ministry,including education, teaching, business, and creative access. For moreinformation visit:

Rene Kekic (Curves International)

Afterserving with Curves International for 5 years, and just as long in otherbusinesses, Kekic has come to realize that one’s skills and talents, as well asrelationships made daily, are some of the most important things to be graspedwhen in a ministry. She emphasizes being a Christ follower in one’s dailyprofession and is a huge advocate for innovation within businesses andministry.

Sean Garrick & Bill Sparks(Network of International Christian Schools)

Sean andBill work to train and mobilize an average of 200 teachers a year to serve inschools all around the world. They operate in over 20 countries and focus theirinitiatives at international education. Their aim is to impact education on theglobal scale to involve an international scope and create an impact larger thanjust education itself. By doing so they are able to use education as an opendoor for ministry. For more information visit:

TBD (Invisible Children)

InvisibleChildren is a worldwide social justice organization that advocatesinternational development through education, youth empowerment, and activism.Fighting against some of the most pressing socially disruptive issues acrossAfrica, they work to give power to the oppressed individual and to provide thema voice. Individuals within Invisible Children are able to not only be broughtout of their oppression, but to then becomes further advocates to continuallyfight for the cause of justice. For more information visit: