So Your Student Is Thinking About Going On a Mission Trip...

If you've made it all the way to this page, your student has probably expressed interest in traveling with BU Missions.  This page will provide you with information on the purpose, learning outcomes, safety, etc.  If you have any other questions, feel free to contact us.

Who Is BU Missions?

BU Missions is a part of Baylor's office of Spiritual Life.  Our mission at Spiritual Life is to nurture theological depth, spiritual wholeness, & missional living in the students, staff, & faculty of Baylor University.  We do this by offering integrated formational programming, transformative missional experiences, competent pastoral care, & worship that is responsive to the Christian tradition & sensitive to the culture.

As part of Spiritual Life, the purpose of BU Missions is to create tangible opportunities for students to serve others through their academic discipline.  These experiences allow our students to reflect on how God might use the knowledge & skills they gain here at Baylor to make a difference in the world.  It also provides incredible venues to experience & learn from a different culture & to be a part of what God is doing in & around the world.

What Does BU Missions Hope My Student Will Gain From This Experience?

We want those who participate on a BU Missions trip...
  • To understand the nature of the missio Dei (the mission of God) & how they can participate in this through global mission projects.
  • To have a greater understanding of what it means to use one's vocation & calling to impact the world for Christ.
  • To understand that we have a responsibility to love & care for our global neighbors.
  • To gain a healthy respect for local ministers & their ability to enculturate the gospel & minister within their community.
  • To reflect & integrate their experience on the trip so that they can better understand the holistic nature of missions.
  • To share their story, both at Baylor & in the community, that others might learn & be transformed by this experience as well.

What Types of Projects Will My Student Be a Part Of?

BU Missions takes a discipline-specific approach to missions, thus each team will have a different focus.  If your student has signed up for an engineering team, she may be working on a water purification project.  On the other hand, if your student has signed up for a poverty & public policy team, he may be working alongside troubled youth in the estates of London.  Wherever they may be traveling to, they will be partnering with local churches & non-profit organizations in order to help meet some of the most pressing needs in that community. 

What Does My Student Need To Know In Order To Participant On a Trip?

If your student is interested in participating on a BU Missions trip, please refer them to the Student page for information on trip costs, applications, fundraising, important dates, passports, etc.

What Do I Need To Know About This Trip?

It is natural to have questions when your student is considering going on a trip, particularly if it's overseas.  Check out the Parents FAQ for answers to some of your most pressing questions! 
**Note: the passcode for ISOS (mentioned in the Parents FAQ) is 11ASGC000003.**

Are Students Able to make Payments Online?

YES! Baylor STUDENTS (only) can use a credit card to use our U-Pay system.Requires Baylor ID (baylor_bear) and password to enter the system.

Click on the Make a Payment Link !

Are People Able to Give Online?

Check out the instructions for giving online listed in the Fundraising 101 packet!  There are links for online giving listed on each trip page under 2013 Trip Opportunities OR check out our Give to BU Missions page