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Dominican Republic Men's Leadership Team

Esperanza & Santiago, Dominican Republic

Spring Break 2014 (Monday to Monday!)

(March 10-17)

contact team leader for more info

partnering with Good Samaritan, Inc.

(see promo video from their website via 2013 trip with Pepperdine Univ.)

  • Provide English-language tutoring to students

  • Socialize and build trust with children and community leaders (love of baseball is a PLUS!)

  • Learn about existing sustainable development activities headed by international organizations in the region. Activities planned for visiting students by Haitian and Dominican leaders through Yspaniola, Inc.

  • Travel to and tour a Haitian immigrant neighborhood near TGS.

  • Conference on sustainable development led by Haitian and Dominican leaders

  • Observe, experience, and participate in the public school system of a developing nation. Identify effective strategies for teaching in impoverished communities.

  • Demonstrate the benefits of cross-cultural communication in English by hosting a health and hygiene camp that provides bilingual instruction to help prevent and address health challenges identified in pre-trip research identified as relevant during trip discussions with teachers and leaders.

  • debriefing at local beach

This trip is open to male students of all majors & classifications. Spanish-speaking abilities not required but encouraged.

  • Understand the unique challenges faced by developing communities in the areas of education, public health, and micro-economics

  • Learn about practical sustainable development strategies and implementation

  • Evaluate international development strategies via first-hand experience

  • Integrate classroom knowledge to support real-world solutions

  • Expand Spanish language fluency

  • Gain experience teaching English in an international setting

  • Learn how to be productive in the context of an impoverished community

  • Explore the legacy of African diaspora in Latin America

  • Increase your leadership aptitudes- communication, teamwork, project management

$1600 estimate

Dr. Anthony Herrera