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Spanish 1401 - Elementary Spanish I


1. To develop skills that will enable you to listen, speak, read, and write in the target language at the Novice mid or high Proficiency Level.

2. To acquire an awareness, appreciation, and acceptance of the differences between American (United States) and Hispanic (i.e., Spanish/Latin American cultures).

3. To realize that there is both pleasure and value in being able to communicate in a second language.


By the end of the semester the diligent student will:

1. Listen, speak, read, and write in Spanish at the Novice mid or high Proficiency Level according to criteria established bythe ACTFL/ETS (American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages/Educational Testing Service):

1.1 use listening and speaking skills to cope with subject areas such as articles of clothing, naming of basic objects, colors, names of family members, the weather, days of the week, months of the year, today’s date and year, telling time, etc.

1.2 improve pronunciation so as to be understood by a native speaker used to dealing with foreigners.

1.3 show adequate control of basic vocabulary and grammatical structures referring to past, present, and future within carefully structures situations (e.g., an oral exam for which the student has studied specific material).

1.4 read simple, glossed texts especially created for this level so as to gain a general understanding of basic ideas, and perhaps some details.

1.5 write compositions with minimal errors (both free and guided), of 100 words, more or less, dealing with a familiar topic.

1.6 answer correctly in written and/or oral form more than 60% of objective and perhaps some subjective questions on three exams and three quizzes.

2. Read cultural selections in textbook and through class discussion compare and contrast U.S. cultural values to those of the Hispanic World.