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Baylor Autism Resource Clinic


Welcome to the Baylor Autism Resource Clinic for Central Texas. The clinic was opened in January 2008 thanks to a grant from the Waco Foundation and support from Baylor University. Dr. Julie Ivey-Hatz, Associate Professor at Baylor, is the director of the clinic. The clinic serves Waco and the surrounding community. The clinic currently offers Social Circle groups aimed at improving social skills of children and teenagers that have ASD, provides resources to the community, and much more.

Autism Camp 2

Baylor Autism Resource Clinic Informational Video

The BARC released an informational video in 2013 to share more about us! We had a wonderful videographer who did such a great job at capturing the essence of the clinic and we greatly appreciate the time, effort, and quality put into this project. Please click on the link below! Courtesy of Brennan Lane.