Frequently Asked Questions


1. In the School of Education, do I have to be advised before I can register?
Yes, every student in the School of Education must be advised before they can register. This is to ensure that every student is on track academically. Consistent advising allows the advising staff opportunity to meet with students regarding a variety of issues that college students encounter.

2. Can I receive a double major in the School of Education?
Currently, there is no way to receive a double major in the School of Education. In addition, a student cannot receive a double major in areas that cross academic units. This means that you cannot have a major in the School of Education and the College of Arts and Sciences or Business, etc.

3. How do I change my major to education?
You can contact one of our advisors or come by Marrs McLean Science 113 or 114. When you meet with an advisor, you will be able to discuss degree options and fill out paperwork that will change your major.

4. How many hours can I transfer in to Baylor?
You are allowed to transfer in 15 hours once you have enrolled at Baylor. Any hours you took prior to coming to Baylor do not count against your limit of 15 transferable hours post enrollment.