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Office of Professional Practice

Overview of Teacher Certification Programs

The teacher education programs at Baylor University are unique among the universities in Texas. The primary attribute of Baylor's teacher education programs is the amount of actual field experience in classrooms during the programs. You will experience six semesters in which you have direct contact with students and teachers in authentic classroom environments. The time spent in these classrooms incrementally progresses from 18 hours a semester in the Novice stage to 12 hours per week in the Teaching Associate stage, to all day for two semesters in the Internship stage.

The four-year teacher education programs are developmental in design, allowing you to incrementally increase your knowledge base and instructional skills. The initial experience of the programs, the Novice stage, is completed by the end of your sophomore year. The Teaching Associate (TA) level includes twelve hours per week of field experience as well as concentration on the content knowledge associated with your teacher certification area and is completed in your junior year. The program culminates during your senior year with an all-day, two-semester Internship experience that provides opportunities for you to bring together your acquired content knowledge and instructional skills in real-world classroom environments.

Professional Development Schools

Your field experiences take place in Professional Development Schools (PDS) and Partner Schools in the Waco area, with Waco ISD being the primary PDS partner. These PDS and partner campus sites are part of a cooperative endeavor between area school districts and Baylor's School of Education to provide excellent and innovative classroom environments for all teacher education candidates. The PDS and University personnel plan, implement, and evaluate the learning experiences that are designed to provide you with a quality teacher education preparation program.

Challenging Teacher Education Programs

The teacher education programs are challenging. They are designed to develop teachers who are knowledgeable, adaptable, reflective, competent, morally responsible, and professional to meet the challenges of dynamic and changing learning environments. The programs are child centered, focusing on guiding all children to achieve their best academic and personal potential.

Electronic Portfolio

A distinctive characteristic of the teacher education programs is the development of an electronic portfolio or e-folio. This portfolio is a developmental documentation of the knowledge and skills you develop that relate to 18 Benchmarks associated with competent teachers. These Benchmarks are addressed during the Novice stage of your training and continue through the Teaching Associate and Internship stages. The e-folio is reviewed at the end of the Novice, Teaching Associate, and Internship experiences, and is a major component determining your successful movement through your chosen teacher education program. The compilation of your e-folio provides you the opportunity to track your academic development, instructional skills, technological prowess, as well as the opportunity to reflect upon your experiences and learning. The e-folio is your permanent archive of your learning on which a life-long acquisition of knowledge about teaching will be based.

Welcome Message

The faculties of the University, the Professional Development Schools and the Partner Schools associated with the School of Education's teacher education programs invite you to become a candidate in one of the many programmatic offerings. These programs range from elementary grade, deaf education, middle school, secondary school, all-level programs, and supplementary certification areas. A listing of the programs is provided in the following section. To find out information related to your interests, simply click on one of the four-year degree maps for the program.

For questions or for more information contact:
Dr. Krystal Goree, Director of Professional Practice
(254) 710-4172
Marrs McLean Science 115

For certification questions contact:
Sandra Parnell, Assistant Director of Professional Practice
(254) 710-6153
Marrs McLean Science 116