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Efolio access is now the same web address as the previous efolios

Efolio evaluation stays the same, it just looks at a different location:

Evaluation access

SOE Portfolio Support

The electronic portfolio (eFolio) serves many purposes during a teacher candidate's degree program. The candidate primarily uses the eFolio to document development aligned with the program benchmarks. Secondary purposes include:

  • developing a candidate's technology application skills
  • providing data for program evaluation
  • supporting a candidate's post-graduation search for professional employment

Portfolio support works in collaboration with teacher education faculty to provide students with skills training and technical support needed in fulfilling the eFolio requirement.

Click here to see available hours & to make an appointment.

A bug in the system!

When efolios were set up, a problem with the way the About home page cropped up. Some students are not able to upload media. Attempts to do so result in an error or in the page not accepting updates. The remedy for this is simple. Access this PDF document and follow the steps for a cure. If you need help, contact portfolio support.

Efolio -About page bug fix

Need a copy of your old efolio?

Take your Baylor ID card and a flash drive to the Media Center and ask them to place a copy on your drive. Make sure you have plenty of drive space!

Click on Tutorials in the upper right-hand callout box for instructions as to how to use the new efolio system.

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