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Study Abroad
International experiences are provided to candidates in the School of Education in order to assist the candidates in the understanding of and participation in a global society.

School of Education Undergraduate Programs

Extending individuals' knowledge bases of their chosen field of study and concomitantly developing their leadership skills are primary objectives of the faculty of the Baylor University School of Education. Building individuals' knowledge bases is achievable through programmatic coursework as well as extensive field experiences; however, the development of leadership is more problematic. Positive leadership is characterized by such principles as trust, morality, courage, and humility. Leadership characterized by these principles is recognizable because of the countenance of the individual and the acceptance of others as worthy of respect. We invite you to join our quest for excellence in knowledge and leadership.

Types of Undergraduate Programs
The Baylor University School of Education offers undergraduate routes that terminate in a bachelors degree and teacher certification. The School of Education prepares individuals to be leaders in today's educational arenas. We expect our graduates to have opportunities to impact the lives of others, children as well as adults, therefore, a major focus of our undergraduate programs is to prepare you to be a compassionate leader and a decision maker in the personal and professional environments in which you live. If you are seeking an opportunity to develop both your leadership ability and area-specific knowledge base, the Baylor University School of Education is the place for you. You will be a part of innovative programs designed for changing and improving the world for both present and future generations.

Again, we invite you to become a part of the School of Education's cadre of learners. We want to assist you in becoming a distinctive leader, both morally and intellectually, in your chosen profession.

Come be a stakeholder in our effort to develop an exciting and a different kind of professional leadership.