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The School of Education and Pro Futuris

Find out more about the vision of Baylor University as it relates to you and how you may benefit as a student in the School of Education.

Academic Departments

Curriculum and Instruction
Among the objectives of Baylor University, none is considered more important than the education of individuals to fulfill the numerous roles within our education systems. The Department of Curriculum and Instruction faculty are committed to the development of qualified educators for these important educational leadership positions. It is with pride to state that our graduates work in a variety of educational settings throughout the world.

Educational Adminstration
The Department of Educational Administration is dedicated to the development of educational leaders. Graduates of the programs work in both public and private institutions of higher education as well as K-12 institutions throughout the state and country. Consistent with Baylor University's Pro Futuris, the Department of Educational Administration is undergoing revisions of it's graduate programs.

Educational Psychology
The Department of Educational Psychology (EDP) offers a wide array of exciting opportunities for both undergraduate and graduate students. At the graduate level, we offer a Ph.D. degree-program in Educational Psychology, an Educational Specialist (Ed.S.) degree-program in School Psychology, as well Master's degree in Educational Psychology and Gifted and Talented. For undergraduates, the EDP offers teacher-certification programs in Special Education and Gifted & Talented.