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A Lifelong Love of Education

Couple Provide Scholarship to Develop Future Teachers

By Davin Allen

vol4-no4_Havard.jpgA lifelong love for education is a common thread in the lives of Harold (BA '58, MS '61, EdD '70) and Janice (BA '58, MS '61, EdD '74) Havard and, now, Hannah Valliant. What connects the couple, who were among the first 101 doctorates awarded in Texas, to a Baylor junior majoring in elementary education?

Harold and Janice held the keys to unlock Hannah's future. During their 30+ years in education, the Havards lived a mission to embody Christ and help redirect the course
of students' lives—a mission that didn't stop at retirement.

Through The Drs. Harold W. and Janice Goolsby Havard Endowed Scholarship Fund in the Baylor School of Education, the Havards helped unlock the gate to Hannah's journey to invest in children.

"I would love for excellent teachers to graduate and fill classrooms," Janice muses. "The level of expectation for studentteachers at Baylor has impressed us to the point that you want to
just multiply them."

Thanks to scholarship support, Hannah writes lesson plans and develops creative methods to teach students key skills. She understands her role is much more than student-teacher."Knowing that I received scholarships will influence the way I teach," Hannah vows. "I'm going to show my kids that it's important to study hard and really work toward their goals."

"I hope our scholarship fund enables students to develop their potential," Harold says, "so they can make a big contribution and then maybe come back and give to Baylor."

For more information about endowed scholarship funds, please contact Amie Reynolds (see information below).


Discover more about ways to assist students or programs in the Baylor School of Education by contacting Amie Reynolds, assistant director for university development, at:
(254) 710-2561 or 800-BAYLOR-U, option 4

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