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World changers

SOE Welcomes New Master of Public Health Program

The School of Education’s newly established Master of Public Health (MPH) in community health education helps graduate students to become world changers.

MPH students learn public health basics (e.g., epidemiology, environmental health, biostatistics, administration) and the specialized skills of a community health educator (e.g., health assessment, intervention planning and evaluation).


These combined competencies enable our graduates to make a lasting impact on communities worldwide. Master’s candidate Margo Moran Shanks says, “I chose this program because it allows both my health interests and my outreach desires to be the central part of my career…this program will serve as a gateway to opportunity and as a foundation for passionate work.”

The MPH program is 42 hours and can be completed in approximately 18 months. It contains strong community-based learning components and an optional global health concentration.


“I knew I wanted to pursue a graduate degree, but two huge questions loomed: which degree and which institution? When I found out Baylor was approving an MPH program, I knew I had the answers to both my questions,” master’s candidate Shannon Thiel says. “The MPH complements my professional goals and Baylor’s commitment to Christian values and academic excellence provides an unparalleled environment for completing my studies. I am so blessed to once again be back in the close-knit Baylor community, attending classes that integrate service learning, and studying under the outstanding HHPR faculty.”

For more information about the MPH program, see, or contact Dr. Eva Doyle at

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