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The Baylor Impact is published quarterly by the Baylor School of Education.

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Volume 4 Number 2


Dear Alumni and Friends:

Most of us value our relationships with others with family, with friends, with our church, and especially with God. We value these connections becausethey contribute to something greater than any of us individually. In a similar way, organizations benefit from partnerships with other organizations.

After some years of study and reflection on organizational partnerships, I have come to understand that organization-to-organization relationships have the greatest potential for becoming strong partnerships when the two symbiotically share common and complementary goals. Specifically, each potential partner has (or accepts) as one of its secondary goals, the primary goal of the other organization. To provide a quick example, partnerships between schools of education and school districts can be quite strong and natural where shared priorities are high quality education of children and high quality preservice preparation of teachers. When these partnerships are well developed, both organizations benefit from the common conversations; they validate each other's efforts and provide common resources and support networks. Each partner contributes to something greater than its own organizational reach, and both become better for their efforts than they might have independently. The School of Education has many such partnerships and in this issue of Impact we share some of the work of these partnerships with you. These partnerships contribute to a greater purpose and to the betterment of Baylor's School of Education and its partners.

Jon M. Engelhardt
Dean, School of education


In This Issue

•  Welcome
•  Leigh Ann Perry Dawson
•  BARC Grows Community Partnerships
•  Geometry Down Under
•  Partners in Adventure and Learning
•  A Sense of Responsibility
•  Impact tomorrow
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