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Touching the Future

Paying Back so Others Can Pay Forward


Baylor alumni Jack (BBA ’55) and Charlotte (BA ’58) Miller do not take for granted what Baylor has given them – their educations and each other.

“We feel our time at Baylor was such a major part of our lives, we ought to pay back something for that,” Jack says.

The Millers are “paying back” through The Jack S. and Charlotte B. Miller Endowed Scholarship Fund in the School of Education, which is funded with the help of their charitable gift annuity (a CGA benefits Baylor and the donor because it pays the donor and an additional annuitant fixed payments for life).

“We chose the scholarship because we worked our way through school, and we know it’s very difficult at this time for a student to pay for their tuition,” Jack says.

Charlotte taught secondary special education for 20 years and their daughter is a special education teacher. The Millers trust future scholarship recipients will make the most of their opportunities and reach beyond themselves. “My hope for students who receive our scholarship is that, by going to Baylor, they can meet the people who will open their eyes to the opportunities that God has for them – opportunities that these students might not be able to see if they weren’t able to go to Baylor,” Charlotte says.

“Baylor gives you an environment in which you can learn from and also challenges you to reach out more and really look beyond yourself and it did that for us,” Jack says.

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•  Welcome
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•  New Master of Public Health Program
•  Freshman Teacher Education Experiences
•  Research Exchange with UT-Austin
•  Paying Back so Others Can Pay Forward
•  Impact tomorrow
•  Volume 4 Number 3 (pdf)

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