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Providing Connections

HESA Charters Graduate Student Organization

In March 2009, Baylor University officially chartered the Higher Education and Student Affairs Graduate Student Association (HESA-GSA).

"We are about connections, connections between past, present, and future students. Consider the prospective student who has questions that only other students can answer. We provide some of the answers," HESA-GSA president Paul Miller said in his induction speech. "Or the first year cohort member who needs help transitioning to the rigors of grad school. We provide care. Or, finally, the wisdom and networks that alumni provide. HESAGSA is about connecting students in a way that balances the challenges of working in this field with a supportive, long-term community."

In February, HESA-GSA members welcomed incoming students during Interview Placement Weekend. Each incoming student was partnered with a HESA-GSA member to assist in the transitions between interviews. HESA-GSA members served as guides, mentors, and encouragers throughout the weekend. Additionally, HESA-GSA held a Coffee Mixer between current and prospective students at the nearby Common Grounds. "You (HESA-GSA) made today a blast," one prospective student noted.

Rishi Sriram, visiting instructor and HSEA program coordinator, serves as the advisor for the organization.

Charter members of HSEA-GSA gather with advisor Rishi Sriram (front row, far right)

For more information regarding HESA-GSA, please email

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