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The Baylor Impact is published quarterly by the Baylor School of Education.

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Volume 4 Number 1

Engelhardt_2010 In this issue of Impact we feature articles that highlight scholarly work in the School of Education. While it may be convenient to think of research, teaching and service activities (and the scholarship demonstrated by such) as distinct and separate, the practical reality is that these often blur together in any given initiative. For example, our creation of a new doctoral degree (PhD) in curriculum and teaching could be thought of primarily for the teaching that occurs, but students and faculty engage in research on the preparation of teachers as part of that program. The faculty-in-residence initiative at Kokernot residence hall might appear to be a service to students (applying knowledge on young adult development), but informal curriculum and teaching are critical elements as well. The results of research on preventing sexual abuse are also of great practical importance and application.
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In the First Person: Kristal Lowry, EdS, LSSP 2007

If someone had asked me five years ago the direction my career would take, I never would have imagined everything could work out so perfectly. Now in my third year at Midway, I reflect upon, with great appreciation, the unique graduate experience offered by the school psychology program at Baylor, which fostered relationships upon which I continue to rely and formed the foundation of my career.
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New Program Advances SOE: Baylor's PhD in Curriculum and Teaching

With a long history of preparing highly effective teachers for Texas schools, the Baylor School of Education is undertaking the logical next step–the preparation of faculty who will provide leadership for teacher education at other universities.

Approved on Feb. 13, 2009, Baylor SOE 's new PhD in Curriculum and Teaching program will prepare graduates for university-based leadership in the field of curriculum and teaching.
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Research to Help Our Communities: Primary Prevention of Sexual Abuse and Sexual Assault

While the country pours millions of dollars and hours of education into prevention messages - "Keep your doors and windows locked." "Always park in well-lit areas." - sexual assault and abuse continues to occur.

Community Health faculty Beth Lanning and Loeen Irons received a grant from the Advocacy Center for Crime Victims and Children to develop primary prevention programming aimed at preventing assaults and eliminating circumstances that create abusers.
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Connecting with students: Back to the Future–Faculty Find Home in Campus Residence Halls

During the past five years, Baylor's faculty-in-residence initiative encouraged the return of faculty to residential life. Seven faculty members now call residence halls home. Dr. T. Laine Scales, professor of educational administration and associate dean of graduate studies and professional development, and her family moved into Kokernot Residence Hall in 2008.
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Investing in the Future: Rainy Day Fund Sustains Many SOE Opportunities

Restore and replenish, that's what we do when it rains; and to keep up with the demands of providing excellence inside and out of the classroom, we rely on our "rainy day fund" to help along the way.

"Thank you" to those who supported this fund. Because of you, our students are building upon their calling through a Baylor education, and we hope others will join with you.

If you are interested in supporting the School of Education's Excellence Fund, make your gift online at For more detailed information about how you can support the School of Education, call Cody Knowlton at 254-710-2561 or 800-BAYLOR-U, option 4, or email
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Impact Tomorrow

The Baylor Impact is published four times a year by the School of Education at Baylor University to inform alumni and friends of the ongoing work and contributions of the School, its programs, faculty, staff, students, and graduates.

Our cover story was a result of feedback from readers like you. If you know of a story connected to Baylor's School of Education that needs to be told, please let us know about it. Your story might be our next feature. Send your ideas and comments to Doug Rogers, editor,

In This Issue

•  Welcome
•  In the first person: Kristal Lowry, EdS, LSSP 2007
•  New program advances: Baylor's PhD in Curriculum and Teaching
•  Research to help our communities: Primary Prevention of Sexual Abuse and Sexual Assault
•  Connecting with students: Back to the Future--Faculty Find Home in Campus Residence Halls
•  Investing in the Future: Rainy Day Fund Sustains Many SOE Opportunities
•  Impact Tomorrow
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