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Connecting with students:
Back to the Future–Faculty Find Home in Campus Residence Halls

Perhaps "faculty living in the residence hall" sounds like a foreign idea; however, the earliest colonial colleges were built on the English model where faculty were intimately involved in all aspects of their students' education, including living with them on campus. Baylor Professor Albert H. Newman and his wife lived with students in Georgia Burleson Hall, which served as a women's residence hall when it opened in 1888.

During the past five years, Baylor's faculty-in-residence initiative encouraged the return of faculty to residential life. Seven faculty members now call residence halls home. Dr. T. Laine Scales, professor of educational administration and associate dean of graduate studies and professional development, and her family moved into Kokernot Residence Hall in 2008.

Kimberly Gibson, a Kokernot resident from College Station, Texas, notes, "It is a brilliant idea to connect students personally with Baylor faculty in a comfortable setting. I have enjoyed getting to know Dr. Scales and her family through invitations to talk in their home, to attend book club discussions, and to take group trips to the theatre. The experience has been wonderful."

While influencing students is the catalyst for the program, it makes an impact on faculty, too. "I have loved the difference living on campus makes for our family, particularly our teenage daughter," Dr. Scales says. "It is a great way to experience first-hand the education of the whole student, and to extend our family to include 187 first-year residents."


Faculty-in-residence Laine Scales, center, visits with students in her family's residence in Kokernot Hall

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