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New Program Advances SOE: Baylor's PhD in Curriculum and Teaching

by Wesley Null


With a long history of preparing highly effective teachers for Texas schools, the Baylor School of Education is undertaking the logical next step - the preparation of faculty who will provide leadership for teacher education at other universities.

Approved on Feb. 13, 2009, Baylor SOE 's new PhD in Curriculum and Teaching program will prepare graduates for university-based leadership in the field of curriculum and teaching. PhD graduates will serve as university faculty members who conduct research, prepare teachers, and perform all duties necessary to thrive as university faculty members.


"I feel that I need to give myself all the opportunities that I can to grow and extend my knowledge of curriculum and teaching," Mark Montgomery, PhD candidate says. "For this reason, I chose to enter into the PhD in Curriculum and Teaching program to better prepare myself for a future university position as a mathematics educator."

The SOE's program is distinctive in the way it integrates Baylor's historic Christian commitment. Students are taught to integrate theory, practice, and faith in all aspects of their work. All PhD students complete coursework that addresses how faith impacts the field.

Students in Baylor's program will specialize in a field such as literacy, mathematics education, English education, science education, social studies education, foundations of education, or moral education. The program enrolled its first students in summer and fall 2009.

For more information, visit the web page Ph.D. in Curriculum and Teaching or email

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•  Welcome
•  In the first person: Kristal Lowry, EdS, LSSP 2007
•  New program advances: Baylor's PhD in Curriculum and Teaching
•  Research to help our communities: Primary Prevention of Sexual Abuse and Sexual Assault
•  Connecting with students: Back to the Future--Faculty Find Home in Campus Residence Halls
•  Investing in the Future: Rainy Day Fund Sustains Many SOE Opportunities
•  Impact Tomorrow
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