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Volume 3 Number 3


Dear Alumni and Friends:

What’s in a slogan? For years I have been struck by the power of these simple word phrases to convey an image or get important messages across quickly—“we bring good things to life” (General Electric), “reach out and touch someone” (AT&T), “be all you can be” (US Army). Each of these simultaneously communicates the organization’s guiding values and intended outcomes.

Recently the School of Education adopted its own slogan; you will begin seeing it on this newsletter and other School communications. After months of thoughtful discussion about what the School of Education stands for and hopes to accomplish through its programs, research and other efforts to impact the community and society, members of the School adopted the slogan:

Preparing Leaders

Impacting the World

Shaping the Future

While in some ways this is not a “catchy” phrase, it does sincerely attempt in a few words to convey the intent, mission and commitments of the School. We purposely chose the “-ing” verb form to show these are active, on-going pursuits for the School.

This slogan is a statement about what we do — pursue programs and other efforts designed to promote leadership, make a positive impact on others, and improve society — all in a Christian spirit. This slogan is also a statement about expected outcomes for those who would join with the School’s efforts (whether students or organizational partners) — transforming the future through leadership and intentional impact.

This issue of Impact introduces you to new School of Education faculty and a recent alum. We also share the story of one recent graduate for whom a donor’s generous scholarship made a huge difference, and we celebrate with another campus organization where our students are an integral part.

May God continue to bless you and yours as we move together to shape the future.

Jon M. Engelhardt

Dean, School of Education

In This Issue

•  Welcome
•  In the F1rst Person: Tiffani A. Riggers
•  Celebrating Tradition: 60 Years of AFROTC at Baylor
•  Welcome New Faculty in Educational Psychology Department
•  Making A Difference: Impact the world, one student at a time

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