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Educational AdministrationEducational Administration:
Undergraduate Leadership Studies Program Answers Call to Encourage Better Citizenship

With the beginning of the fall 2008 semester, the School of  Education became the academic home for two undergraduate  courses in leadership studies: Introduction to Leadership and  Advanced Leadership Theory. 

Leadership education in higher education is the focal point  of much discussion at the national level. A 2000 W.K. Kellogg  Foundation report, Leadership Reconsidered: Engaging Higher  Education in Social Change, called upon colleges and universities  to do more to fight the erosion of leadership qualities in the  United States. The report encourages higher education to  find ways to nurture institutional traits central to developing  leadership, including the ability to respectfully disagree,  authenticity, collaboration, commitment to change, competence,  empathy, self-knowledge, and shared purpose. 

The Baylor Department of Educational Administration believes  efforts to develop leadership studies courses will be a significant  contribution to this end. Baylor 2012 articulates individuals  have moral and ethical obligations to communities. Leadership  education draws upon academic learning across the disciplines  and emphasizes the importance of human institutions, promotes an  understanding of responsible participation in economic and social  systems, and fosters an ethic of citizenship and service to others in  the name of Christ. 

“I think that by studying leadership in a classroom setting, I can  learn from others and become more effective in both my major and  in life as a whole,” Baylor sophomore Kent Klaras says. 

The School is exploring the possibility of offering a minor in  leadership studies as early as fall 2009. 

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