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Becca&Zack (w x h, 0 KB)In the First Person

Rebecca Bullard Beaty
BSEd '03 MSEd '04

Zackary Beaty
MSEd '04

When Rebecca and I first accepted third grade and middle school PE positions, respectively, at the International School Nido de Aguilas in Santiago, Chile, we couldn't comprehend how much our lives would change in just a few short, extremely busy months.

Thanks to some helpful advice from a few Baylor professors, we were able to pursue teaching careers in International American schools in Latin American countries through a job fair in Atlanta organized by the Association of American Schools in South America (AASSA). We interviewed with several schools, but after our interview with Nido, it was clear that our choices were to move to Santiago, Chile, or remain in Waco to teach. Moving across the world to teach sounded amazing, but we were not willing to do so without a passion linking us to the school and its purpose. Throughout the application and interviewing process for teaching positions within the international schools, Rebecca and I remained firmly grounded in beliefs established during our time studying educational theories at the Baylor School of Education. After our interview with the Nido director, we knew this was the perfect place for us to satisfy our desire to teach internationally, placing emphasis on the whole child while instilling a commitment to lifelong learning.

Perhaps the desire for teaching internationally came from positive experiences teaching a diverse student population within WacoIndependentSchool District. I taught Spanish for four years at WacoHigh School and Rebecca taught third grade at ParkdaleProfessionalDevelopmentSchool for three years. However, after a few years of developing our teaching strategies and techniques, Rebecca and I began to feel the call to seek experiences beyond our immediate comfort zones.

At Nido de Aguilas, Rebecca and I are now working with students and teachers from 35 different nationalities. Many of the teachers are native Chileans, while others have taught in schools all over the world. All primary instruction occurs in English, and all students take a Spanish language course each year as well. This school truly encourages its students and faculty to learn and think from a global perspective. Baylor's cooperative learning focus in the curriculum and instruction department prepared us to be confident in our skills and to be willing to listen to the knowledge of others in the field of education.

We have settled into our new home, located about 30 minutes from downtown Santiago, the metropolitan capital of roughly 5 million people (one-third of the country's population). Santiago has a strange mix of fast-paced city life along with old-world Latin values centered on family, friends and relationships. "Diverse" defines Santiago better than any other word. The landscape is a pure image of this diversity: the Pacific Ocean to the West, the Andes mountains to the East, the driest desert in the world, the Atacama, to the North, and fields of glaciers to the south. Over the years of being a country with four immensely intimidating and beautiful natural borders, Chile has retained an amazing amount of native influence and pride while accepting immigrants and incorporating cultural traditions from all over the world, most especially Asia, other South American countries, and Europe. Most often, when outside of the school community, people speak to us in Castellano (Chilean Spanish) because they do not recognize we are American, not Chilean. We are truly happy to add to the diversity here in Chile and have felt welcomed by the community. Through the wisdom imparted to us by many talented educators, we feel blessed to have begun this new adventure in our own educational journeys.

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