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JacCraft (w x h, 0 KB)In the First Person

Jacquelyne Craft, BSEd, Health Science Studies, Pre-Physical Therapy, 2007

While choosing Baylor was ultimately the best decision I made regarding my education, deciding on Health Science Studies through the Health, Human Performance, and Recreation department allowed me to focus on the areas of study that mattered most to me. I knew coming to Baylor that I wanted to become a physical therapist someday, so my eventual goal was to receive my degree in that field, but I was not clear on my plans for a bachelor’s degree.

After career counseling and discussing options with an advisor, I concluded that a degree through the HHPR department suited me best. Finally after four years of hard work and determination my dream of physical therapy school was achieved.

However, I cannot take all the credit for being accepted to school. The professors of the HHPR department showered me with knowledge and worked with me on a personal level. The faculty was very personable and would work with any situation I had.

Not only were the faculty well aware of me during class, but they knew me well enough to write personal recommendations for physical therapy school. I even found myself visiting my professors in their offices and talking about everything going on in my life and school.

The classes in the HHPR department offer a well-rounded degree for its students. The core classes that all HHPR students must take were taught by exceptionally educated professors who were interested in teaching their subjects. The electives presented by the department were beneficial for any student, and no other classes like these were offered by any other department at Baylor. I found myself thriving in all the classes due to great professors and an interest in the subject.

My degree through the HHPR department has left me feeling prepared and excited for graduate school. I know that I was taught well and will be able to achieve great things in physical therapy school. Many students feel the need to take a year off after undergrad to regroup and relax, but many of the classes I took in the HHPR department have left me feeling rejuvenated and ready for the next phase in my life.

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[Editor's note: Jacquelyne will be attending UT Southwestern School of Physical Therapy in Dallas upon graduation.]

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