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The Baylor Impact is published quarterly by the Baylor School of Education.

The Baylor Impact
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Volume 1 Number 1

Dr. Rogers

Dear School of Education Alumni and Friends:

Welcome to the inaugural issue of the School of Education’s communiqué, The Baylor Impact. Each quarter, we want to share with you stories about how our students, faculty, staff, and alumni are investing themselves in the lives of others: “from action comes impact.”

We want you to read The Baylor Impact with enthusiasm and pride; that’s what we felt as we prepared it for you. But we also want you to use The Baylor Impact. Post the cover story or inside feature story on your refrigerator at home or on the bulletin board at work. We hope it will give you the opportunity to talk about what Baylor has meant to you and means to our world. Pass The Baylor Impact along to a high school student and share what Baylor’s School of Education is doing to change the lives of individuals and communities. Tell them that Baylor still recruits dreamers, individuals who believe they can change the world. We equip individuals to pursue their world-changing dreams in a variety of fields, and we help them understand their vocations as an expression of their faith.

We want to hear from you. Tell us how you are making an impact – you could be our next cover story. Let us hear what you think about The Baylor Impact or about any of our programs. We want this communication vehicle to serve you, our alumni and friends. See our contact information on the back for staying in touch with us. Let’s continue to spread The Baylor Impact.

In This Issue

• Welcome
• In the F1rst Person: Katy Balthzar's Full Story
• Baylor in Brazil
• Heading to the Principal's Office
• Two for One
• How to Get Involved

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