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Trena Wilkerson
Trena Wilkerson 2013

Trena L. Wilkerson, Ph.D.

Professor, Curriculum and Instruction
Graduate Program Director, Department of Curriculum & Instruction

Baylor University
School of Education
One Bear Place #97314
Waco, TX 76798-7314
Office: Marrs McLean Science Building 231
Phone: 254-710-6162

I received my undergraduate degree from Mississippi College in 1976 with a major in mathematics. Masters work was completed in 1980 at Southeastern Louisiana University in Hammond, Louisiana with an emphasis in mathematics education. In 1992 I received my Ph.D. from the University of Southern Mississippi in Hattiesburg, Mississippi in Curriculum & Instruction with a focus in mathematics.

Principal Publications:
Wilkerson, T., Cooper, S., Montgomery, M., Gupta, D., Mechell, S., Arterbury, K., Moore, S., Baker, B., & Sharp, P. (In Press). An Investigation of Fraction Models in Early Elementary Grades: A Mixed Methods Approach. Journal of Research in Childhood Education.

Nelson, P., Wilkerson, T., & Conaway, B. (In Press-accepted December 2012). Two incarnations of a study questionnaire to determine what piano teachers use and what order musical concepts are introduced. Music Teachers National Association e-Journal.

Cooper, S., Wilkerson, T., Montgomery, M., Mechell, S., Arterbury, K., & Moore, S. (2012). Developing a Theoretical Framework for Examining Student Understanding of Fractional Concepts: An Historical Accounting. Forum on Public Policy. (2012)1, 1-11. On-line Forum on Public Policy

Robertson, W., Meyer, R., & Wilkerson, T. (2012). The Mathematics of Skateboarding: A Relevant Application of the 5Es of Constructivism. Journal of Education and Learning, 1(2), 32-36.

Wilkerson, T., Bryan, T., & Curry, J. (September 2012) An Appetite for Fractions! Teaching Children Mathematics. 19(2), 90-99.

Kamen, M., Junk, D., Marble, S., Cooper, S., Eddy, C., Wilkerson, T. & Sawyer, C. (January 2011). Walking the Talk: Lessons Learned by University Mathematics Methods Instructors Implementing Lesson Study for Their Own Professional Development. In Hardt, L., Alston, A., Yoshido, M., & Murata, A (Eds). Lesson-study research and practice; Learning Together. Springer Publishing: New York.

Meyer, R. & Wilkerson, T. (January 2011). Lesson Study: The Impact on Teachers' Knowledge for Teaching Mathematics. In Hardt, L., Alston, A., Yoshido, M., & Murata, A (Eds). Lesson-study research and practice; Learning Together. Springer Publishing: New York.

Cooper, S., Wilkerson, T., Eddy, C., Kamen, M., Marble, S., Junk, D., Sawyer, C. (2011) Lesson study among mathematics educators: Professional collaboration enabled through a virtual community. Learning Communities Journal, 3 (1), Available at

Sharp, P.T., Baker, B.R., & Wilkerson, T. (January 2011). Transforming teacher education with Field experiences that involve teacher candidates in collaborative research. PDS Partners Magazine. 6 (3), 7-8.

Philosophy of Teaching:
Baylor University is an outstanding higher education institution with a focused vision for students, faculty, and community. It is exciting to be a part of a vision that includes support for foundational experiences and growth for future, cutting-edge research connected to exemplary teaching. In Baylor's strategic vision Pro Futuris, I am particularly drawn to the aspirational statements on transformational education and student engagement. If I had to summarize my goals for my students and myself, it is to strive for academic excellence and meaningful engagement in my own classes, then as future teachers and leaders in education have them foster that same enriching learning environment in their own situation. Teaching for me is a journey of the heart!

Research Interests:
My research interests include mathematics education, teacher education, algebra teacher efficacy, teaching and learning of mathematics, and professional development. I am interested in effective teaching of mathematics and its impact on student learning. I currently am conducting research in early childhood understanding of rational number concepts, working with a cross-university collaborative to develop an instrument to measure algebra teacher efficacy, and studying the effect of professional development on mathematics teachers and their students through Lesson Study.