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Rachelle Meyer Rogers, Ed.D.
Rachelle Rogers, 2013

Rachelle Meyer Rogers, Ed.D.

Assistant Clinical Professor
Curriculum & Instruction

Campus Contact Information
Baylor University
School of Education
One Bear Place #97314
Waco, TX 76798-7314
Office: Marrs McLean Science Building 230
Phone: (254) 710-6069

B.A. Texas Lutheran University, Seguin, Texas
M.Ed. Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas
Ed.D. Baylor University, Waco, Texas

Philosophy of Teaching
My educational philosophy is based on the fact that every child can learn. As educators, it is our responsibility to stay current in the latest research findings as well as engage in active research in the field of education so that we can best meet the needs of ALL children. In addition, learning at all levels should be exciting, engaging, and challenging.

Research Interests
My research interest includes lesson study as a form of professional development. In particular, what impact does lesson study have on teachers' instructional strategies? My research interest also includes action research as a form of professional development and the implementation of instructional strategies to increase understanding in mathematics.

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Meyer, R. D. & Null, J. W. (2004). Worthy teachers for the schools of Texas: An overview of the history of Southwest Texas State Normal School, 1899-1959. American Educational History Journal, (31)1, 87-94.

Recent Professional Presentations (Refereed):
Purdum-Cassidy, B. & Rogers, R. (2013, August). Success? Assessing the Quality of Action Research. Presented at the ATE Summer Meeting, Washington D.C.

Meyer, R., Spruill, S. & Wilkerson, T. (2013, April). What's So Cool About Sierpinski? Presented at the NCTM Annual Conference, Denver, CO.

Meyer, R. Hodge, K. & Rogers, D. (2013, February). Making a Difference: Technology and Growth in Teaching. Presented at the ATE Annual Conference, Atlanta, Georgia.

Wilkerson, T. & Meyer, R. (2012, April). TAG! Using Technology to Address Understanding in Algebra and Geometry. Presented at the NCTM National Conference, Philadelphia, PA.

Meyer, R. & Rubio, B. (2012, March). Where Do the Pre-Service Teachers Go? Effective Professional Development Resulting in Quality Field Experiences. Presented at the NAPDS Annual Conference, Las Vega, Nevada.

Meyer, R. & Purdum-Cassidy, B. (2012, February). Action Research: Does It Make a Difference in Professional Growth? Presented at the ATE Annual Conference, San Antonio, TX.

Gupta, D., Wilkerson, T., Cooper, S., & Meyer, R. (2012, February). Reflective Teaching Practices: Facilitating Research for Teaching. Presented at the ATE Annual Conference, San Antonio, TX.

Cooper, S., Wilkerson, T., Meyer, R., & Baker, B. (2011, January). Effect of Lesson Implementation, Assessment of Student Work and Reflection on Preservice Teacher Understanding of Fractions. Presented at the AMTE National Conference, Irvine, CA.

2013-2014 Baylor Fellow
The Association of Teacher Educators 2007 Distinguised Dissertation Award

Courses Taught
TED 4336 Teaching Mathematics in the Upper Elementary Grades
TED 4337 Teaching Mathematics in the Middle School Grades
TED 3383 & TED 3384 Secondary Mathematics Practicum Parts I & II
TED 4630 & TED 4631 Internship Middle Grades--Parts I & II
TED 4632 & TED 4633 Internship Middle Grades--Parts II & IV