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Krystal Goree
Krystal Goree

Krystal Goree, Ph.D

Director, Office of Professional Practice
Clinical Faculty, School of Education

Baylor University
School of Education
Office of Professional Practice
One Bear Place #97304
Waco, TX 76798-7304
Office: Marrs McLean Science Building 128
Phone: 254-710-4172
Fax: 254-710-3789

Ph.D (2011) Educational Psychology, Baylor University, Waco, Texas
M.S. Mid-management (1998) Educational Administration, Baylor University, Waco, Texas
B.S. (1978) Elementary Education, Baylor University, Waco, Texas

Principal Publications:
Johnsen, S.K., & Goree, K. K. (2004). Teaching gifted students through independent study. In F. Karnes & S. Bean (Eds.) Strategies for teaching gifted students. Waco, TX: Prufrock Press.

Kingore, B., Batson, A., Dickson, S., Goree, K., Spates, S., Wink, A., Young, L. (2002). Reading Strategies for Advanced Primary Readers. Texas Education Agency: Austin, TX

Goree, K.(1996).Gifted Students and Inclusion: Exploring the Tracking Debate, Phi Delta Kappa Hot Topics Series.

Goree, K. Advocates and Adversaries: What happens to gifted students? Tempo, 22(4), 1, 25-26.

Goree, K. Encouraging students to explore opportunities in math and science. Tempo, 22(3), 1, 26.

Goree, K. (1998). Parenting the Gifted: From R.A.G.S. to R.I.C.H.E.S., Gifted Child Today, 21, (4). 46-48.

Goree, K. (1996). Advocating for the Gifted: Rewarding, but Challenging. Gifted Child Today, 19 (6). 26-28.

Goree, K. (1996). Accepting the Challenge: Making the Most of the Inclusive Setting. Gifted Child Today, 19 (2). 22-23, 44.

Philosophy of Teaching:
It is the responsibility and privilege of the teacher to provide risk-free, supportive learning environments in which students have the opportunity to acquire and apply knowledge, think critically and creatively, and explore content as well as personal beliefs. At Baylor, faculty and students are offered the unique opportunity to interact, learn, and establish relationships of respect in a Christian environment as they work together to make meaningful contributions to our world.

Research Interests:
I am especially interested in research focusing on teacher education, mentoring of beginning teachers, and gifted and talented education.