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Betty Conaway
Betty Conaway

Betty J. Conaway, Ph.D.

Professor, Curriculum and Instruction

Baylor University
School of Education
Marrs McLean Science Building 226
One Bear Place #97314
Waco, TX 76798
Phone: 254-710-6115
fax: 254-710-3160

Ph.D. Louisiana State University
M.S. Indiana State University
B.S. Indiana State University

Principal Publications
Conaway, B. J., Browning, L. J., & Purdum-Cassidy, B. In press. The influence of an early field-experience in urban schools on student learning and teacher candidates� perceptions of teaching: Results of a four-year study. Action in Teacher Education.

Conaway, B. J., & Woods, M. B. (2004). A comparison of the experiences of yearlong interns in a professional development school and one-semester student teachers in a non-PDS location. Action in Teacher Education. 23(3) 21-29.

Conaway, Betty J., & Midkiff, Ruby Bostick. (2004). Connecting literature, language and fractions in elementary classrooms. Exploring Mathematics through Literature: Articles and Lessons for Prekindergarten through Grade 8. Edited by Dianne Theissen. Reston, Va: National Council of Teachers of Mathematics.

Reynolds, Nancy, and Conaway, Betty J. (2003). Factors affecting the participation mathematically talented females in high school calculus. Journal of Secondary Gifted Education. 24, (4), 218-228

Conaway, Betty J., Saxon, Terrill F. & Woods, Majka B. (2003) A comparison of the reading abilities of teacher candidates. The Teacher Educator. 39(1)1-18.

Conaway, Betty & Saxon, Terrill F. (2000). A year-long student teaching experience: A qualitative study following three years of implementation. Texas Teacher Education Forum. Spring, 45-54.

Conaway, Betty J., Sharp, Pat Tipton, & Schafer, Susan A. (1997). Preparing teachers for classrooms of tomorrow. Partnerships in Education: Preparing Teachers for the Twenty-First Century. Edited by Jon Reyhner. Flagstaff: Northern Arizona University. Pages 41-49.

Conaway, Betty J. (1994). Authentic assessment and mathematics learning. Journal of Secondary Gifted Education. Fall. Pages 52-56.

Conaway, Betty J. & Midkiff, Ruby Bostick. (1994). Connecting literature, language and fractions. Arithmetic Teacher. April. Pages 430-433.

Conaway, Betty J. (1993). Holistic mathematics instruction for adult basic education. Adult Learning. Oct./Sept. Pages 21-25.

Conaway, Betty J. (1993). Literature in the mathematics classroom. Journal of Reading Education. Fall. Pages 37-44.

Conaway, Betty J. (1992). Personalizing study skills for secondary students. Journal of Reading. March. Pages 468 � 472.

Research interests
Teacher education, all aspects of literacy, mathematics instruction