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Robert C. Cloud

Robert C. Cloud, Ed.D.

Professor of Higher Education
Chair, Department of Educational Leadership

Campus Contact Information
Baylor University
School of Education
One Bear Place #97312
Waco, TX 76798-7312
Office: Marrs McLean Science Building 125
Phone: 254/710-6110
FAX: 254/710-3115
Curriculum Vitae

1964 B.S. Howard Payne College, History and Secondary Education
1966 M.S. Baylor University, Health Education
1969 Ed.D. Baylor University, Educational Administration
Doctoral Dissertation: Faculty Personnel Policies in the Community Colleges of Texas
1983 Rice University, The Management Program
1985 M.A. University of Houston/Clear Lake, Human Resource Management and Public Administration

Dr. Robert C. Cloud holds four academic degrees and is a former college administrator, having served as President of Lee College in Texas for ten years and as Vice President and Dean in two other Texas colleges. Dr. Cloud joined the Baylor University graduate faculty in 1988.

Philosophy of Teaching
Dr. Robert C. Cloud believes in educational excellence focusing on integrity, compassion, and the application and integration of knowledge. Dr. Cloud teaches in a highly organized, interactive, and fair environment that integrates intense issue-based learning, humor, and love for students. Dr. Cloud places students first, followed closely by research and publication.

Research Interests
Dr. Cloud's current research interests include higher education administration, law, policy, current issues, organizational leadership, and governance.

Publication and Scholarship
Dr. Cloud has published 102 peer-reviewed articles, five books, and three book chapters, including the following publications:

Representative Articles Published from 2001-2016
Fossey, Richard & Cloud, Robert C. The U.S. Department of Education's 2015 Letter Outlining Guidelines for When Creditors Should Not Oppose Bankruptcy Discharge for Student-Debtors Under the "Under Hardship" Rule: What Does it Mean for Distressed Student-Loan Debtors? West's Education Law Report, 329 Ed. Law No. 2 [595] (June 16, 2016).

Cloud, Robert C. & Fossey, Richard. The U.S. Supreme Court Deadlocks 4-4 in Friedricks v. California Teachers Association, Affirming the Ninth Circuit's Decision Upholding the Constitutionality of Abood and Agency Shops. In School Law Reporter (SLR). Education Law Association (ELA), Vol. 58, No. 5, 103-04.

Cloud, Robert C. & Fossey, Richard. The Fourth Amendment Rights of Students at a Vocational College versus Suspicionless Drug Testing Policies of the College (Kittle-Aikeley v. Claycomb). In School Law Reporter (SLR). Education Law Association (ELA). Vol. 58, No. 3, 57-58.

Cloud, Robert C. & Fossey, Richard. Drowning in Debt. The Baylor Line, Spring 2015, Vol. 77, No. 1, p.34-37.

Cloud, Robert C. & Fossey, Richard. "Roth v. Educational Credit Management Corporation: A Judicial Turn Toward Compassion and Common Sense." West's Education Law Reporter, 310 Ed. Law Rep. 1] (December 18, 2014).

Cloud, Robert C. & Fossey, Richard. "Facing the Student-Debt Crisis: Restoring the Integrity of the Federal Student Loan Program." Journal of College and University Law, Vol. 40, No. 3. 2014

Fossey, Richard & Cloud, Robert C. "When Did Uncle Sam Become Ebenezer Scrooge? The U.S. Department of Education Opposes Bankruptcy Relief for a Quadriplegic Student Loan Debtor." Teachers College Record. August 29, 2014.

Cloud, Robert C. "Medlock v. Trustees of Indiana University: A Frivolous Case on a Serious Issue." SLR Express. Education Law Association (ELA) Searchable Data Base. May 1, 2014.

Cloud, Robert C. "Safety and Security on Campus: Priority Number One in Higher Education." West's Education Law Reporter, 295 Ed. Law Rep. [457] (September 26, 2013).

Cloud, Robert C. "Suspicionless Drug Testing of Public School Employees." West's Education Law Reporter, 282 Ed. Law Rep. [1] (September 13, 2012).

Cloud, Robert C. "The Pledge of Allegiance: Patriotic Exercise or Religious Activity?" West's Education Law Reporter, 271 Ed. Law Rep. [25] (October 27, 2011).

Cloud, Robert C. "Silence is Golden When Public Employees Consider Speaking on Matters Pursuant to Official Duties." West's Education Law Reporter, 245 Ed. Law Rep. [1] (August 6, 2009).

LeMay, Aaron, & Cloud, Robert C. "Student Debt and the Future of Higher Education." Journal of College and University Law, Volume 34-1, 2007.

Cloud, Robert C. "Davenport v. Washington Education Ass'n: Agency Shop and First Amendment Revisited." West's Education Law Reporter, 224 Ed. Law Rep. [617] (December 13, 2007).

Cloud, Robert C. "Offsetting Social Security Benefits to Repay Student Loans: Pay Us Now Or Pay Us Later." West's Education Law Reporter, 208 Ed. Law Rep. [11] (June 15, 2006)

Cloud, Robert C. "Extracurricular Activities and Liability in Higher Education." West's Education Law Reporter, 198 Ed. Law Rep. [1] (July 14, 2005).

Cloud, Robert C. "When Does Repaying a Student Loan Become an Undue Hardship?" West's Education Law Reporter, 185 Ed. Law Rep. [783] (May 6, 2004).

Cloud, Robert C. "Due Process and Zero Tolerance: An Uneasy Alliance." West's Education Law Reporter, 178 Ed. Law Rep. [1] (August 28, 2003).

Cloud, Robert C. "The New York Times Rule in Higher Education." West's Education Law Reporter, 166 Ed. Law Rep. [1] (August 15, 2002).

Cloud, Robert C. "Say Yes to Due Process Before Saying No to Weapons." West's Education Law Reporter, 153 Ed. Law Rep. [863] (July 19, 2001).

Selected Books
Cloud, Robert C., & Kater, Susan (Eds.). (2008) Governance in the Community College. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass, Inc., ISBN #978-04703-21348

Cloud, Robert C. (Ed.). (2004). Legal Issues in the Community College. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass, Inc., ISBN# 0-7879-7482-X.

Cloud, Robert C. (1995). Drugs in Society. Waco, Texas: HEALTH EDCO, a division of WRS Group, Ltd., ISBN# 1-56796-099-5. 1995 National Health Information Awards Winner (award sponsored by Mosby, National Wellness Institute, and American Custom Publishing).


2003-2004 Outstanding Graduate Faculty Award, Baylor University Graduate Student Association
2004 Distinguished Alumnus, Howard Payne University

Courses Taught
EDA 6304.1 Politics/Policy/Governance in Higher Education
EDA 5392.01 Higher Education & the Law
EDA 5359.01 Seminar-School Law
EDA 5345.F2 Fundamentals of School Leadership
EDA 5394.01 Planning, Budgeting, and HR Management in HED
HED 3317 Mood-Modifying Substances