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Terrill F. Saxon, Ph.D.
Terrill Saxon

Terrill F. Saxon, Ph.D.

Associate Professor and Chair
Department of Educational Psychology

Campus Contact Information:
Office: Marrs McLean Science Building 321
Phone: (254) 710-6101

Terrill F. Saxon is an educational psychologist who has done research in language acquisition particularly the role that caregiver's play during interaction with their young children. He also focuses research in cross-cultural settings with respect to development in youth and families. From 1995 to 2001 he was assistant professor at Baylor University in the Department of Educational Psychology, and in 2001-2009 he served as department chair.

PhD in Educational Psychology and Research, University of Kansas, 1995

Research Interests
The role of didactic interaction (e.g., between mother-toddler; teacher-toddler) in fostering the child's acquisition of cognitive skills (e.g., language) and the child's readiness to learn upon entering school

Cross-cultural research particularly in areas of development during adolescence

Principal Publications

Alfano, A. R., Hodges, T. L., & Saxon, T. (in press). Eating disordered behavior in rural high schools: A descriptive study of adolescent risk and teacher perceptions. Journal of Rural Community Psychology.

Hayes, D., Huey, E., Hull, D. M., & Saxon, T. F. (in press). The influence of youth assets on the career decision self-efficacy in unattached Jamaican youth. Journal of Career Development. doi:10.1177/0894845310390364

Johnson, H. J., Barnard-Brak, L., Saxon, T. F., & Johnson, M. K. (in press). Differential effects of stereotype threat and lift on men and women's performance in mathematics. Journal of Experimental Education.

Saxon, T. F., Hull, D. M., Fearon, D. D., Williams, L. O., Tindigarukayo, J. K. (in press). Jamaica's unattached, low social status youth: How do they see themselves on career and life skills? Comparative Education Review.

Aoyama, I., Saxon, T. F., & Fearon, D. D. (2011). Internalizing problems among cyberbullying victims and moderator effects of friendship quality. Multicultural Education & Technology Journal, 5, 92-105. doi:10.1108/17504971111142637

Barnard-Brak, L., Saxon, T. F., & Johnson, H. (2011). Publication productivity among doctoral graduates of educational psychology programs at research universities before and after the year 2000. Educational Psychology Review, 23, 65-73. doi:10.1007/s10648-010-9146-3

Ritter, M., & Saxon, T. F. (2010). Class-room based phonological sensitivity intervention (PSI) using a narrative platform: An experimental study of first graders at-risk for a reading disability. Communication Disorders Quarterly,33, 3-12. doi: 10.1177/1525740109356800

Hull, D. M., & Saxon, T. F. (2009). Negotiation of meaning and co-construction of knowledge: An experimental analysis of asynchronous online instruction. Computers & Education, 52, 624-639.

National/International Conferences:

Fearon, D. D., Copeland, D. M., & Saxon, T. F. (2011, February). Parenting styles and creativity in a sample of Jamaican children. Paper presentation at Southwest Educational Research Association regional conference. San Antonio, TX.

Sulak, T. N., & Saxon, T. F. (2011, February). The relationship between experiences, perceptions, and opinions of violence: Sex differences among adolescents. Paper presentation at Southwest Educational Research Association regional conference. San Antonio,TX.

Sulak, T. N., & Saxon, T. F. (2011, February). Prevention of youth violence. Paper presentation at Southwest Educational Research Association regional conference. San Antonio, TX.

Aoyama, I., & Saxon, T. F. (2011, April). Cyberbullying: What are the psychological profiles of bullies, victims, and bully-victims? Poster presentation at American Educational Researchers Association National Conference. New Orleans, LA.

Baylor University School of Education's 2000 recipient of the Scholarship Award

Funded Research
Latest research grant was funded by Administration on Children, Youth and Families, Child Care Bureau (2002, September): A grant of $30,000 awarded to study the effects of an interaction training program on child care workers and children's later language development.

Language development in early childhood
Cognitive development of children
Educational research methods

Courses Taught
Statistical Methods
Educational Research
History and Systems in Educational Psychology
Child Development
Psychology of Learning