Ed.S. Requirements in School Psychology

Required sequence of course work for the School Psychology Program (60 semester hours)

Undergraduate Prerequisites*
Human Growth & Development
Statistical Methods

First Year

Fall Semester
EDP 5340 Measurement and Evaluation
EDP 5328 Intellectual & Academic Assessment I
EDP 5341 Professional Practice & Ethics for School Psychologists
EDP 5366 Psychology of Exceptional Children

Spring Semester
EDP 5367 Psychopathology of Individuals & Families
EDP 5337 Intellectual & Academic Assessment II
EDP 5333 Psychology of Learning
EDP 5360 Counseling Children & Adolescents

Summer I
EDP 5358 Teaching Individuals with Developmental Disabilities
EDP 5393 Cultural Issues with Children and Families

Summer II
EDP 5356 Behavior Management

Second Year

Fall Semester
EDP 5278 Practicum in School Psychology
EDP 5346 Therapeutic Intervention
EDP 5394 Social-Emotional Assessment
PSY 5323 Biological Foundations of Behavior

Spring Semester
EDP 5370 Consultation and Parent Conferences
EDP 5279 Advanced Practicum in School Psychology
EDP xxxx Elective course approved by advisor
EDP 5357 Single-Subject Research Design

Summer I
EDP 5361
Challenging Behaviors in Developmental Disabilities**
EDA 5345 Fundamentals of School Administration

Third Year

Fall Semester
EDP 5182
Internship in School Psychology I

Spring Semester
EDP 5183
Internship in School Psychology II

* Students who have not taken the prerequisite undergraduate courses must take them during their first year in addition to the required courses listed above.
**Course required only if in the BCBA certification program.