Quest for Quality

The special education program at Baylor University is proud to announce that Ben Rabideau, Molly Walker, and Stephanie Wilson, each of whom is pursuing certification as a special education teacher, received recognition from Quest for Quality this spring as exemplary teacher candidates in the state of Texas. Quest for Quality is a collaboration between CREATE (Center for Research, Education and Advancement of Teacher Education) and the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board.

Texas Association of School Personnel Administrators

Sasha Wells is a worthy recipient of The Texas Association of School Personnel Administrators (TASPA) scholarship that is bestowed on exemplary candidates seeking careers in the teaching field. Sasha received this honor and joins six other graduates of the special education program who received this state-level scholarship in the past 12 years.


I am a teacher in Katy ISD. I have the pleasure to work with one of your former students who is a first year teacher in Katy as a lifeskills teacher. I want to congratulate your program in preparation of teachers. She is well prepared, has knowledge of students, and is completely competent to handle her job. As a former Special Ed Supervisor, it does my heart good to know teachers are being prepared this way. I just wanted you all to know that I am bragging about Baylor and their education program. Thank you for the work you do:) Mary Boisen, M.Ed, CAPE 2013

I believe there are few fields as gratifying as teaching, in particular, the field of special education. I began my journey into this field three years ago, unaware of the benefits Baylor's Special Education department would have for me. Now in my intern year, I can look back and reflect on the numerous opportunities that were at my disposal. Special education is not directed to one type of student. In fact, there is a large gamut of students receiving special education services. Fortunately, the special education program at Baylor allows their students the chance to experience these different settings. This is such a beneficial aspect of the department. I personally found being able to teach in different classrooms, from inclusion to self-contained, helped me decide which classroom I felt the most comfortable in. In addition, it has helped me feel adequately prepared to teach in any environment. Perhaps the most appealing aspect to the special education department is the faculty. I have found myself working with the most experienced, encouraging, and high expectation-setting professors. I attribute my success as an intern to the constant feedback given to me throughout my teacher education. There is a very small student to teacher ratio allowing for individualized attention. The professors truly care about the success of their students and are always supportive. I consider myself very fortunate to be involved with such a wonderful department. I believe there is no other university that commits so much time to their students. Without a doubt, the special education program at Baylor is preparing me to be a highly skilled and respected teacher.
Kristin Rossnagel, Class of 2006

I had a wonderful experience as a student in the special education program at Baylor University. My professors took time to get to know me and learn about my teaching interests. With this knowledge, they individualized my experiences in the schools to fit my future aspirations. Starting very early in my undergraduate experience I was exposed to a variety of special education classrooms. I was given the opportunity to use what I was learning in the classroom. I received practical experience with essential feedback. By the time I was student teaching during my last year at Baylor, I had accumulated countless hours of teaching experience and guidance that provided me with the necessary tools to be a successful and confident special education teacher. I am very thankful for the professors that guided me and the experiences that prepared me for my future as a special education teacher.
Tonya Davis, Graduate 2004