Fall 2017 Applications
Applications are currently being accepted for Fall 2017. The preferred deadline for applications is January 1, with a final deadline of February 1.

Online Application
Prospective students apply online through Baylor's Graduate School (please click on the link below).


The first cohort of Ph.D. students began in fall 2014. Therefore, applications are being accepted now for fall 2017.

Applications are officially due February 1. However, applicants are strongly encouraged to fill out the initial application (statement of purpose, etc.) immediately, and then work toward filling in the rest of the application (test scores, letters of recommendation, etc.). Because GRE scores and letters of recommendation can be "plugged into" the application at any time, applicants do not need to have all parts complete before applying.

To apply, please complete the following steps:

1) Fill out the application for the Graduate School: https://www.baylor.edu/graduate/gobaylor/index.php?id=99642

2) Letter of application stating the applicant's vocational interests, professional background, goals leading to such vocational aspirations, and rationale for pursuing a Ph.D. in Higher Education Studies & Leadership at Baylor University. In particular, the applicant should have some idea of a research agenda they wish to pursue within higher education.

3) GRE scores.

4) Transcript showing prior undergraduate and graduate work.

5) Three letters of professional reference with at least one of whom is familiar with the applicant's vocational goals and at least one of whom is familiar with the applicant's academic potential (e.g., a former university professor).

6) A structured interview with appropriate Educational Administration faculty. In addition to other factors, the purpose of the interview is to assess the ability of the candidate to communicate effectively and to match the applicant's area of interest with faculty expertise and possible apprenticeship placement.

7) Submission of a writing sample from previous academic work.

8) Any other evidentiary documents that the applicant believes might support his/her application.

Baylor's program utilizes a cohort model that allows for each new class of Ph.D. students to move through their courses together. Other than special exceptions, students will begin in the fall semester. Typically, three full-time students will be admitted each fall.