Apprenticeship Package
Ph.D. students receive complete tuition remission in addition to an annual stipend of $17,500 for three years. In their fourth year, students can teach undergraduate leadership courses for additional funding or begin full-time positions while completing their dissertation.

Fall 2016 Apprenticeships
We will accept three Ph.D. students for fall 2016 in the following apprenticeships: President's office, University libraries, and one that is to be determined.


Ph.D. students will serve as graduate apprentices (GAs) in various research and administrative offices at Baylor or partnering higher education institutions for the first three years of the program. The apprenticeships provide the graduate students context in which to place their theoretical knowledge into practice. Students are given the opportunity to learn from the example of higher education leaders who address problems and opportunities that the students study and critically analyze in the curriculum.

Each apprenticeship provides full tuition remission as well as a stipend, meaning that almost every student in our program participates with relatively little out-of-pocket expenses. Students are financially responsible for books, fees, conferences, and living expenses. Please note that not all apprenticeships are available every year.

The Educational Administration faculty will assign the student to particular apprenticeships based on their strengths, interests, and career goals. However, each office or institution will have input into the process based on application materials and a phone interview. In addition, we seek to make student placements in light of their research interests and agenda.

The various apprenticeships include positions in:

• Athletics

• Baylor University Press

• Graduate School

• McLennan Community College

• President's Office

• School of Education

• University Libraries

• Vice President for Student Life Office

Please note that not all apprenticeships are available every year. Each year, 2-4 apprenticeships are available.