Why Baylor HESA?
Are you so passionate about the idea of working in higher education that you could consider it a calling? Well, we feel just as called to develop the next generation of higher education leaders, thinkers, servants, and scholars.

To the left are 5 ways we do just that.

HESA Information

5 Reasons to Choose Baylor

Baylor Hesa Class

1. Perfect combination of large and small

Baylor is a large, private research university with great resources and faculty, but each cohort is only about 15 students, allowing for small classes that are most conducive to learning.

2. Faith integration

Baylor is the only national research university that integrates the Christian faith into the HESA curriculum. We prepare our students to work in ANY college or university, but we also incorporate the role of faith development and faith-based higher education into the curriculum.

3. Thesis or capstone? You decide!

Baylor is one of the few HESA programs that give students the option between a capstone course or a research thesis. Either way, students end the program with a culminating experience that prepares them for the next level.

4. Exceeding expectations

Baylor meets all ACPA, NASPA, and CAS standards. Our program has six faculty devoted to it in some form of permanent role, in addition to wonderful adjunct faculty.

5. All of tuition covered PLUS a small stipend

Students still pay for fees, books, living expenses, etc., but you are basically getting a great graduate education for free!