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Rishi Sriram
Thank you for your interest in Baylor University's fastest growing graduate program. The Master of Science in Higher Education & Student Affairs program at Baylor is actively recruiting applicants for the fall of 2014. Please take a moment to look through our website and send the link to anyone you feel might benefit from it.

The Baylor program is designed to train professionals who desire to have meaningful, lasting influence on students' lives in higher education settings. Our program is uniquely balanced between professional experience and academic rigor. Students entering our program can expect to be professionally challenged through their apprenticeships and academically challenged throughout the two-year course sequence. Our program is built on a cohort model that provides support, camaraderie, and debate as students come together from across the nation, representing a great diversity of regional and cultural worldviews. Students selected to attend Baylor's program are provided a complete tuition scholarship and a graduate apprentice position with a competitive stipend.

Higher education needs leaders who are thoughtful, reflective, and capable of creating meaningful change. We hope you will join us in that quest.


Rishi Sriram, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor & Graduate Program Director

Higher Education & Student Affairs