Graduate Apprenticeship Interview Placement

Candidates who have completed application materials and been either fully admitted or moved forward are eligible to interview for an apprenticeship during Graduate Apprenticeship Interview Placement February 14-15, 2013. Mark your calendar and plan to attend for priority placement opportunities!

Applicants wishing to receive priority placement in apprenticeships MUST complete their application materials by January 1 and attend the Graduate Apprenticeship Interview Placement in February.

Admissions Process

Admissions Requirements

The Master of Science in Higher Education & Student Affairs program is open to students of all academic backgrounds. Students desiring admission to the program must have a demonstrated history of academic success, leadership potential, and a commitment to serving students in higher education.

Admissions Timeline for Fall 2013

December 1: Preferred application deadline
January 1: All application materials due/official deadline (see application checklist)
January 10-15: Individual phone interviews with faculty completed
February 14-15: Interview placement - required of all applicants who are accepted or moved forward (please arrange your calendar accordingly)
April 15: Deadline for apprenticeships offers and enrollment into program.

Financial Information

In order to gain admission to the program students must obtain a graduate apprenticeship at Baylor or currently hold a full time position in Student Life. Graduate apprentices are paid biweekly on an hourly basis. During the academic semester, a graduate student who works 20 hours a week should expect earnings of approximately $4,750. Graduate students earn approximately $2,000 for working 20 hours a week during both summer sessions. Students in the program are required to pay the general student fee required of all students. This fee is approximately $1,000/semester if the student is taking a minimum of 9 hours. Students must also purchase required textbooks. Additional financial aid may be available for qualified students. Contact the Academic Scholarships and Financial Aid Department.