Scope and Sequence of the Program

The Ed.D. program consists of a 60 hour degree plan that provides studens a well balanced comprehensive program of academic and professional development.  The 39 hour core includes both theory and applied practice in such areas as: Educational Foundations, Learning Theory, Curriculum and Teaching Models, and Qualittive and Quantitative Research Design and Analysis.  In addition to the core areas of academic and professional preparation, the Ed.D. student will identify a 15 hour content cognate that will allow individualized concentraion in such academic areas as: English-Language Arts Education, Instructional Technology, Mathematics Education, Reading Education, Science Education, Social Studies Education, and other interdisciplinary content areas.  The final 6 hours of the Ed.D. degree plan are comprised of dissertation research and writing that will result in the development, defense, and dissemination of a doctoral research dissertation.

PDF version of Degree Plan