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Department Faculty and Their Specializations

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Brooke Blevins
Assistant Professor, (Ph.D., University of Texas), Social Studies education, Teacher Education, Critical Historical Thinking, Civic Education

Larry J. Browning
Professor (Ed.D., University of Alabama), Literacy Instruction, Teaching in Urban Schools, Professional Development

Betty J. Conaway
Professor and Director of Graduate Programs (Ph.D., Louisiana State University), Teacher Education, Literacy, Mathematics Instruction, Professional Development Schools

Sandra Cooper
Associate Professor (Ph.D., Texas A&M University), Mathematics Education, Science Education, Teacher Education

Perry L. Glanzer
Associate Professor (Ph.D., University of Southern California), Moral Education, Religion and Education

Karon LeCompte
Assistant Professor (Ph.D., The University of Texas at Austin), Social Studies Education, History of Education

Suzanne Nesmith
Assistant Professor (Ph.D., Texas Tech University), Science Education, Mathematics Education, Teacher Education

Wesley Null
Associate Professor of Curriculum & Foundations of Education (Ph.D., The University of Texas at Austin), Curriculum Theory, Foundations of Education, Pedagogy, History of Teacher Education

Douglas W. Rogers
Associate Professor and Associate Dean of the School of Education (Ed.D., East Texas State University), Instructional Technology, Professional Development, Teacher Education

Gretchen Schwarz
Professor (Ph.D., University of North Texas), Curriculum Studies, English Education, Media Literacy, Graphic Novels, Teacher Lore/Research

Tony L. Talbert
Associate Professor (Ed.D., University of Houston), Qualitative and Ethnographic Research, Peace Education, Social Justice, Social Education

Trena L. Wilkerson
Associate Professor (Ph.D., University of Southern Mississippi), Mathematics Education, Teacher Education, Professional Development, Teacher Efficacy

Randy M. Wood
Professor (Ph.D., Baylor University), Adult Literacy, Christian Education